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The new iPhone 5 is will been launched very soon. As most of you know, Apple typically announces or publishes its new iPhone in June of each year (except for the iPhone 2G). As each year goes on, more and more information inside is filtered by different manufacturers and I'll go over some of the information in this article, including expectations for the iPhone 5 prices and specifications.
First, will the iPhone or iPhone 4S 5? This could go either way, but I'm leaning more towards the 4S and that's why. Usually the number of new model, like the iPhone 3G iPhone 4 includes a complete overhaul, including body style. No new case or body images have been leaked, as they have over recent years that make me believe that the body style is the same, therefore, leaning toward the 4S. The only thing that would tip the other way is that the IOS 5 is expected to be released in the fall, while the new iPhone is expected to be released. iPhone IOS 5 and 5 make a great couple, but the appointment of IOS could only be because it has a long list of new features. Either way, I will refer to the new device like the iPhone 5 throughout this article, and that is what most of the public regards the new iPhone.

One thing that can almost be sure of is that the new version of the iPhone include the ability to 4G. Some may expect 4G iPhone affect the price of 5, but generally not seen with devices from other manufacturers. What version of the iPhone 4G 5 would use another question, however. From AT & T Wireless is pushing their 4G HSPA + as performance testing or preparing to run in some areas of LTE, I hope the GSM version of the HSPA + iPhone 4G Apple has never had the opportunity to put in a feature (4G LTE) when not guaranteed to work. On another note, it is expected that the combination of a chip GSM / CDMA will be in that phone that Apple can produce a phone and sell it on the two networks that help reduce the price of iPhone 5.

How about the speed of the phone? Each new version of iPhone has been faster than the previous chip and the new A5, I totally agree with rumors that the new iPhone will be the fastest of them all, is likely to fly all the previous versions. 1 GHz dual core maybe? With the current price of A5 chip, it is definitely possible to be there and would not change the price iPhone 5.

Currently, the screen size seems to be in the air. Most sources say it will include a 3.7 "screen compared to the 3.5" screen of the iPhone 4, but another group says could include a 4 "screen. I do not think that the biggest screen go to 4 inches, it would be a significant leap in screen size and most likely lead to a completely new design around the phone, which could affect the price of the iPhone 5 production. 4 inches is still a leap quite large when we are talking about cell phones, so you will agree that it will change to 3.7 "if it changes at all. With Gorilla Glass increasingly popular in smartphones today, I think Apple could lock in a great deal for a larger screen size without affecting the price iPhone 5.

What about those cameras? The iPhone has a 5MP 4 rear facing camera and front VGA camera is outdated to say the least. Both cameras were becoming obsolete when the phone was released. With 8 Megapixel 1.3MP front and rear become a standard in most new smartphones, I expect Apple will keep that standard and will not push to overcome them all.

Pricing pricing pricing that is the question! No change in prices has been significant over the years a new iPhone is released, so hopefully it's the same this year. With sales have increased in the current sale price, I see down the price of iPhone 5 to get more sales and I see that the increase in price due to the risk of losing customers. I hope the 3G (on AT & T) to be stopped completely, the iPhone 4 16 GB and 32 GB models to sell for $ 100 less ($ 99 and $ 199 respectively), and the iPhone 4S / 5 for sell for $ 199 as of 16 GB or $ 299 in the form of 32GB. Any fan of Apple definitely jump all the $ 199 or $ 299 iPhone 5 price for a new phone and anyone who just wants to get on the train that will definitely pay $ 99 for the iPhone 4 is still a great phone, especially at that price.

iPhone 5: 5 Ways the Camera Can Be Improved

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If there’s one thing that has consistently changed with each new iPhone model, it’s the camera. The original iPhone came with just a 2 megapixel camera, while the iPhone 4S came with an 8 megapixel camera and flash capability. We’re hoping this progressive trend of camera changes continues with the new iPhone 5, reportedly set to come out in the summer of 2012. Continuing on our focus this week of going in depth with both the speculated and desired iPhone 5 features, we’ve compiled a list of ways the iPhone 5 camera can be improved.

Better Flash in the iPhone 5 Camera

Both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S came with a built-in flash for the camera, and the iPhone 5 obviously will as well. However, we’re hoping that Apple makes significant improvements to the flash for the iPhone 5 camera because the flash on the existing iPhones is, quite frankly, not very good. Pictures taken with the camera flash-enabled on the iPhone 4S appear washed out and photos taken in dark lighting look blurry. When compared to other smartphones on the market like the Samsung Galaxy S2, the iPhone 4S flash camera is very disappointing. Here’s hoping Apple packs better flash in the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5

Macro Capabilities

One major difference between the camera on an Android phone and the camera on the iPhone is that many Android phones allow users to use a macro mode for the camera, while the iPhone does not. As you might know, the macro mode is useful for taking close up pictures of people and items. And while the iPhone doesn’t do a terrible job of taking close up pictures, it doesn’t do a great job, either. Either an automatic or a manual macro mode would be great on the iPhone 5.

More Megapixels

Let’s make one thing clear: more megapixels doesn’t always equal higher picture quality. However, in this case, we think the iPhone 5 having a higher megapixel camera may make a big difference in terms of the quality of pictures taken with the device. That’s because the greater the megapixels, the bigger the picture you can print without sacrificing quality. What this means is a low megapixel camera won’t yield good quality 5×7 prints, but a high megapixel camera will–and then some. The only way for the iPhone 5 to be considered a true digital camera replacement is for the iPhone 5 to come with at least a 10 megapixel camera.

More Scenes

With Android-powered smartphones and digital cameras, you are able to pick from multiple scenes when taking pictures. For instance, you can select to take the image in black and white, or even in sepia, among many other scenes. Regrettably, you cannot do this with the default camera application on any of the current iPhones, although some third party apps offer this functionality. We’re holding out hope that the iPhone 5 camera app will come with multiple scenes.

More Settings Customization

Truly great photographs require the optimal camera settings for the particular situation. Many Android phones, as well as all digital cameras, allow users to configure the ISO, exposure, and a lot of other settings. As with the scenes, none of the current iPhones come with this option. It’s a huge limitation that must be changed by Apple with the iPhone 5 if they want photographers to consider the iPhone 5 camera to be a serious camera.

What Do You Think?

What features or specifications do you think the iPhone 5 camera should have? Leave us a comment below and give us your opinion on this topic.

iPhone 5 May Arrive in the Fall of 2012

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As with other iPhone releases, we’ve been hearing a lot of conflicting news about the iPhone 5 as of late. While we reported earlier this month that the iPhone 5 would be released in the summer of 2012–to coincide with Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)–we’re now hearing that this may not be the case after all. That’s because several sources are now reporting that the iPhone 5 will come out in September or October of 2012. As with many rumors, this may not come true; however, we’ve decided to provide a closer look into this possible fall debut for the iPhone 5.

Japanese Blog Says iPhone 5 Will Debut in Fall

The Japanese blog Macotakara.jp reported on Monday of this week that the iPhone 5 would be coming out in September or October 2012. According to Macotakara, they were given this information from a “very reliable source in Asia.” The source told Macotakara that the iPhone 5 would likely come out in one of these two months and that–perhaps even more importantly–this cycle would continue for future iPhone releases.
iPhone 5
In other words, according to the source, Apple is completely abandoning their previous new iPhone summer release schedule in favor of a new iPhone every fall schedule. That, of course, contradicts what many other sources have been reporting–that the iPhone 5 would mark the return of the new iPhone every June schedule Apple previously had.

Why a Fall Debut Makes Sense

The idea of releasing the iPhone 5 (as well as future iPhones) in the fall actually isn’t that crazy. In fact, it might just be a great idea–from a business standpoint–for Apple. That’s because the iPhone 4S was extremely successful in terms of sales, even moreso than the other iPhones. The iPhone 4S sold more units in the first 24 hours that it was on sale than any other Apple product. Over four million iPhone 4S units were sold during the first weekend.
Not only that, but sales of the iPhone 4S continued well into the holiday season of 2011. If the iPhone 5 were released in October 2012, it is very likely that the sales of the iPhone 5 would also continue well into the holiday season. This would mean big profits for Apple.
One other reason why a fall iPhone 5 debut makes sense is that it would be roughly a year after the release of the 4S. Many feel that releasing the iPhone 5 less than a year after the 4S–as would happen with a summer 2012 release–would upset a lot of customers.

Why a Fall Debut Doesn’t Make Sense

On the flip side of things, a fall debut for the iPhone 5 doesn’t make sense because the launch of the new iPhone has become such a staple at Apple’s WWDC event in June of each year. If Apple were to release the iPhone 5 in October, they obviously could not promote the device at WWDC in June. What’s more, Apple would have to plan a separate event in September/October of each year just to present the new iPhone for that year. That could be a big hassle.

What’s Most Likely: Fall or Summer

To be honest, we feel at this point that the iPhone 5 release date is really a toss up. It makes sense for Apple to wait a year to release the iPhone 5, which means a fall 2012 iPhone 5 release date. However, it also makes sense for Apple to return to the WWDC-centered release date by bringing out the iPhone 5 in June 2012. And given all of the reports we’ve received about the iPhone 5 already going into production, a June 2012 release date seems most likely. So if we had to predict a release date for the iPhone 5 right now, we’d still say June 2012.

What Do You Think

When do you think the iPhone 5 will be released? Leave a comment and give us your opinion.

iPhone 5 May Have New Dock Connector

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Apple’s iPhone 5 may just be the most uniquely designed iPhone yet. Not only is the device rumored to get a display that is bigger than the previously standard 3.5-inch display that all other iPhones sport, it is also now rumored to be getting a brand spanking new dock connector. And the idea of the iPhone 5 getting a new dock connector is actually a pretty big one, as it would have a huge impact on the accessories that come out for the iPhone 5.

Blog Reports iPhone 5 Might Have New Dock Connector

On Thursday, the tech blog iMore first reported about the possibility of Apple revamping the dock connector in the iPhone 5. According to the site, the new dock connector would be found not only in the iPhone 5, but also in the iPad 3 and the next iPod Touch.
iMore claims that Apple is looking at changing the connector because of the potential space that would be saved. Not only that, but they claim a precedent was set when Apple switched from one type of SIM card slot to another with the iPhone 4. This shows that Apple is not afraid to try something new with the iPhone, especially if it ultimately benefits the device as the SIM card change did with the iPhone 4.

Why Apple is Changing the Dock Connector

Now, as we mentioned above, the change would ultimately happen for one big reason: it would cut down on the amount of space used by the dock connector. Conserving space by reducing the size of the iPhone 5 connector on its own makes sense, as Apple is all about creating products that are sleek and efficient–but that’s not the sole reason for the change.
It’s been mentioned for months now that the iPhone 5 will be getting a better battery and 4G capability. These two components require more space than is found in the current iPhone. If Apple wants to come out with a 4G iPhone 5 with a better battery, they’ve got two options. The first is that they can increase the size of the iPhone 5 (unlikely as Apple seems to think the iPhone’s overall size is perfect for most consumers). The second option is that they can smartly reduce the space eaten up by the other hardware components–which is exactly what they’ll be doing by changing to a smaller dock connector.
iPhone 5
Another good reason for the change is compliance. If Apple implements a standard micro-USB dock connector, this would mean that users would have an easier time finding USB cables that are compatible with their iPhone 5. One of the things that Android has going for it is the fact that most Android phones use the same type of USB cable. If the iPhone 5 has the standard micro-USB dock, it would mean being able to use the same cable to charge your Android phone and your iPhone 5.

What It Means for You

So what does a new iPhone 5 dock connector mean for you? Well, it means that you’re not going to be able to use any of your current iPhone cables with the iPhone 5. It means that any radios that come with a built-in iPod/iPhone cable will not work with the iPhone 5. And it also likely means that the iPhone 4S case won’t work with the iPhone 5 because the dock connector may be in a different location other than on the bottom of the phone.
In short, it means you won’t be able to use your current iPhone accessories with your iPhone 5. Which means you’ll probably be doing some iPhone 5 accessory shopping when the device hits stores.

What Do You Think?

Do you think changing the dock connector is a good move on Apple’s part? Or are you happy with the current iPhone dock connector? Leave us your comment below and give us your opinion on the subject.