iPhone 5 May Have New Dock Connector

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Apple’s iPhone 5 may just be the most uniquely designed iPhone yet. Not only is the device rumored to get a display that is bigger than the previously standard 3.5-inch display that all other iPhones sport, it is also now rumored to be getting a brand spanking new dock connector. And the idea of the iPhone 5 getting a new dock connector is actually a pretty big one, as it would have a huge impact on the accessories that come out for the iPhone 5.

Blog Reports iPhone 5 Might Have New Dock Connector

On Thursday, the tech blog iMore first reported about the possibility of Apple revamping the dock connector in the iPhone 5. According to the site, the new dock connector would be found not only in the iPhone 5, but also in the iPad 3 and the next iPod Touch.
iMore claims that Apple is looking at changing the connector because of the potential space that would be saved. Not only that, but they claim a precedent was set when Apple switched from one type of SIM card slot to another with the iPhone 4. This shows that Apple is not afraid to try something new with the iPhone, especially if it ultimately benefits the device as the SIM card change did with the iPhone 4.

Why Apple is Changing the Dock Connector

Now, as we mentioned above, the change would ultimately happen for one big reason: it would cut down on the amount of space used by the dock connector. Conserving space by reducing the size of the iPhone 5 connector on its own makes sense, as Apple is all about creating products that are sleek and efficient–but that’s not the sole reason for the change.
It’s been mentioned for months now that the iPhone 5 will be getting a better battery and 4G capability. These two components require more space than is found in the current iPhone. If Apple wants to come out with a 4G iPhone 5 with a better battery, they’ve got two options. The first is that they can increase the size of the iPhone 5 (unlikely as Apple seems to think the iPhone’s overall size is perfect for most consumers). The second option is that they can smartly reduce the space eaten up by the other hardware components–which is exactly what they’ll be doing by changing to a smaller dock connector.
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Another good reason for the change is compliance. If Apple implements a standard micro-USB dock connector, this would mean that users would have an easier time finding USB cables that are compatible with their iPhone 5. One of the things that Android has going for it is the fact that most Android phones use the same type of USB cable. If the iPhone 5 has the standard micro-USB dock, it would mean being able to use the same cable to charge your Android phone and your iPhone 5.

What It Means for You

So what does a new iPhone 5 dock connector mean for you? Well, it means that you’re not going to be able to use any of your current iPhone cables with the iPhone 5. It means that any radios that come with a built-in iPod/iPhone cable will not work with the iPhone 5. And it also likely means that the iPhone 4S case won’t work with the iPhone 5 because the dock connector may be in a different location other than on the bottom of the phone.
In short, it means you won’t be able to use your current iPhone accessories with your iPhone 5. Which means you’ll probably be doing some iPhone 5 accessory shopping when the device hits stores.

What Do You Think?

Do you think changing the dock connector is a good move on Apple’s part? Or are you happy with the current iPhone dock connector? Leave us your comment below and give us your opinion on the subject.

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